We The People Are Being Brainwashed

We the humans! How typically have we heard this word? Yet, our Democracy is anything however. In fact the USA in nothing greater than a fascist country. We could be clever to remember the fact that fascism operates a corporate kingdom beneath the guise of a democracy. Fascism is nothing more than Corporatism, the merger of kingdom and company electricity.

For decades now america has been a fascist state. By 2019 the diploma of which our fascism will have advanced some distance extra advanced than Nazi Germany became right before and at some stage in World War II. It ought to be mentioned that the principle flow media maintains regarding the USA as a democracy of unfastened organisation capitalism with man or woman privacy and belongings rights. Our so called democracy Fascism has evolved to the factor that it’s far a ways greater advanced than whatever Germany or Italy turned into inside the 1930’s till the cease of World War II that our system of fascism absolutely seems benevolent.

To the sober person the question arises how may want to the USA so notably change into nothing greater than a complicated stage of Fascism? The answer lies in opposite semantics or the modifications of our political and governing device. A gadget moving into opposite instead of improving and fostering equality of all in preference to the oligarchy shape of government that has advanced.

The American human beings agree with that the United States is a real democracy. We were taught that the US is a consultant democracy accountable to the people. We view democracy to same human freedom. We listen the phrase democracy all of the time from politicians and the media. The political elite have embedded the word democracy into the general public’s psyche. What the political elite have executed keeps the people imagining that they are free. We are being brainwashed due to the fact everybody keeps saying we’re a democracy.

Today, American democracy is absolutely a the front for fascism. The word democracy now’s just a key political word that glosses over that America in now a fascist state. When we hear the word Democracy it’s far now utilized in psychological so referred to as warfare in opposition to the humans. It is used to affect upon Americans that they’re unfastened. This, while in reality the government has tightened it is grip on everything and absolutely everyone in America nowadays. When we the humans consider that we are unfastened the political machine can and does impose restrictions that have in each essence made us less loose.

We had higher be careful and realize what the USA has come to be. When intellectual democracy is used as a mental weapon of the country it motivates the humans to obey the country. Remember George Orwell’s 1984. Well “Big Brother” today is our government. The fact nowadays in many aspects is a much cry from what we’re caused trust. When you purchase a home you truely do not own it. Private assets rights are nonexistent today.